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When my office decided to do a get-together for my coworkers birthday, Eden and I had the same idea: bring doughnuts! But where should we go? Now that we are basically doughnut royalty, we didn’t want to let the office down. We had to deliver killer doughnuts. With our newly gained reputation at stake, we went to the always-crowd-pleasing, Sandy Pony Donuts.

Review #2: Sandy Pony Donuts


Phone: (301) 873-3272

Address: 2444 Solomons Island Rd suite d1, Annapolis, MD 21401

Sandy Pony Donuts: Annapolis Maryland

The Shop:

Sandy Pony originally started out as a doughnut food truck on Chincoteague Island off Virginia’s eastern shore. This island is a major tourist destination known for its wild (ass) ponies, seriously, which was the inspiration for the doughnut shop’s name and logo. Today it has grown to include a handful of permanent locations in Maryland and Delaware. We went to the Annapolis location. 

The Annapolis location isn’t as cool or quaint as the Bethany beach location, it’s in a strip mall. But don’t let that stop you because it’s a new, well maintained property that’s easily accessible but Route 50. It’s a small space tailored to the take-out crowd but it does have a few small tables to dine-in. When you walk in, you know right away it’s not your grandmas doughnut shop. It has a hip and young feel throughout. From it’s polished concrete floors to it’s non-traditional menu (bubble tea… bitch) It’s everything a high school date should be. 

The Doughnuts:

Even if your a curmudgeon and can’t get behind the trendy vibe you’ll still go because their doughnuts rock. They are made to order, hot fresh doughnuts! That’s right, no racks of morning leftovers. When you order em, they drop em to fry. They all start as traditional cake base then they glaze, frost, and dip em in a variety of toppings that crates the variety of their menu. 

Side note: Sand Donuts were my first made-to-order doughnuts. I had never seen them in New England though this method is gaining popularity. So simple, yet so effective. The occam’s razor of fried fatty goodness. And you can watch the whole process, and when you do, you can’t help but think Why didn’t I think of that?!. So if you have the privilege to try some made-to-order doughnuts, do it, and be grateful.. 

The Take Away:

 Skip the generic and be an office HERO by bringing in something warm and delicious. Sandy Pony is highly recommended.

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